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Partner Customers Received Best Production Award for Three Consecutive Years

Release Time: 2022.05.17     Clicks: 917

Excited to hear from our partner Triton Noir, who recently won the Best Production Value Award for the 2021 Board Game Quest. The award-winning board game product is Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice. In the minds of most players, this game is not only fun, but also looks very exquisite. The giant black box contains a large number of realistic miniatures: from heroes to enemies, and even buildings. Let players feel like they are in a microscopic real world when exploring the storyline. In addition, the accompanying cheat sheet also provides a lot of convenience for players to organize game parts after playing. It has to be said that this game pays great attention to details in the design. At the same time, the ingenious craftsmanship and high-end materials of the manufacturing also add color to this board game.


This is already the third time since 2019 that we have won the Best Production Award for working with a customer. In the past, the board game Tainted Grail that we produced for one of our major clients, Awaken Realms, won the Best Production Quality Award from Board Game Revolution in 2019. At the same award in 2020, it was also won by our partnered board game Dwellings of Everdale.

As a long-term manufacturing partner, Eastar is honored and pleased to help our partners win the board game manufacturing award. I also look forward to cooperating with more board game design companies to achieve a win-win situation.

At present, no matter from the level of machinery manufacturing, production quality, production efficiency, and communication with customers, we are constantly improving ourselves. At present, we have become the most cost-effective partner at the same high quality level and always remain at the top level of the industry.

It is undeniable that in the future, we can help more partners win the Best Production Value Award. We also look forward to cooperating with more excellent board game design companies. We will become the most reliable partner in the common pursuit of economic value, entertainment value and social value.

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