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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Is So Famous, But Why

Release Time: 2022.01.18     Clicks: 559

Skyrim is a huge success because of its amazing graphics and gameplay. It sold over 10 million copies within 3 months after release. Play The Class You Want, How You Want There have been many open-world RPGs released since Skyrim, and none of them offer the same level of freedom in one key area: class, or how they're played. The Witcher 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have many ways to do objectives, but only one character class.

One player started playing the game in the early 2000s. He is a college student living in New York City, which has been his home and where he met his wife for many years. Skyrim gives the player complete freedom to make whatever character they want to be, from a hulking barbarian to a sneaky wizard, with deeper hidden options available to find such as assassin, vampire, werewolf, and more.

Not many could have predicted just how big The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would become in the last decade. Through Bethesda's incredible attention to detail and continued effort, the fifth installment of an ever-popular franchise became easily an iconic game that defined a whole decade.

The Adventure Game is a 1-4 player cooperative game of adventure and exploration across Skyrim. Players take the roles of heroes involved in epic quests, working together to defeat their enemies and exploring the vast expanse of Skyrim. You will be able to choose character miniatures like the Khajiit, Nord, or High Elf; plan your strategy with weapons or spells; and fight your way through forgotten mines, Draugr-infested tombs, or ancient Dwemer cities to find ancient treasures and increase your power.

With the numerous choices of characters, gear, magic, and skills matched with the many decisions each player makes through their quests, there are hundreds of hours of gameplay, with some stories not even seen based on your early decisions. The face of Skyrim can change during the game, impacting the course of the players' experience in subsequent chapters. At any time, the players can simply reset, choose another character and play style, make different choices, and experience things differently. Alternatively, pick a chapter that sounds fun and drop in to just play that adventure as a one-off.

One of the big draws is that there's just so much to do, and the world itself is so immersive it invites players to imagine more than there is. Players often have to spend  hours collecting the entire series of a set of books to find out the full story of Queen Barenziah. I've pretty much never played another game where that was an option. On a lot of levels, they just felt Skyrim relaxing. You can take a walk, organize your potions, talk to the townsfolk, kill the odd dragon or two, and log off for the night. This is a great way to shut down your brain if you're stressed out. The most complex, emotionally charged video game out there. But at its core, It has to be said that Skyrim is comforting the way someone's favorite childhood movie is. If you log in to vanilla or lightly modded game you know what to expect, and that can be soothing after a chaotic day.

Another big draw I have to say is that Skyrim has become less of a game and more of a canvas. The modding community is insanely active, even to this day (the game came out in 2011! Can you believe how time flies?), and with enough variety, Skyrim can become almost whatever you want it to be.

For example, Skyrim is probably one of the most entertaining survival simulators out there! In the game, you can spend most of your time boiling salt from seawater, finding dead wood to burn to make fires, fighting off advanced bears from food pantries, and trying to cure the diseases you inevitably get from sleeping in the forest floor... But there's so much to do while you survive in the wilderness.

Skyrim isn't necessarily fun because of what it is, it's fun because it can be. Of course, you'll also enjoy the first 150 hours without mods, and there's always something new to watch that might keep you coming back.

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