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EASTAR Launches New Logo Worldwide

Release Time: 2021.09.15     Clicks: 1164

In order to meet the needs of developing international markets and bringing its products and services closer to international standards, EASTAR announced on July 16, 2019 that Ningbo Eastar Game Manufacturing Co.,Ltd to launch a new EASTER logo globally, with a comprehensive update of LOGO and corporate VI system. The new logo is mainly in silver-gray and green, mainly reflecting the concept of extreme, minimalism, innovation, diversified and globalized, and is committed to creating the first choice in the minds of customers.

CEO of EASTAR said that the corporate logo is one of the most obvious signs to distinguish from other brands, which is crucial for a fast-growing company. The new logo will meet new challenges with a new look, accurately reflecting the company's commitment to providing consumers and customers with first-class services in the industry and striving to become the leader in the table game industry, which is more suitable for promoting the international markets.

EASTAR's new logo is shaped like X-Men, full of angles and personality. We hope that EASTAR people are full of super energy and tenacious spirit like X-Men. In the future, we will continue to keep learning and progressing and devote ourselves to middle and high-end quality super table games that can provide a package solution and can be mass-produced, as well as high-end miniature table games with high stability, high quality, and high-cost performance! We will fearlessly compete and shine like a star in the east of the world, leading the whole table game industry production with an attitude of excellence! Commitment to provide timely, thoughtful, and more humane new services, reflecting strong internal driving force, and highlighting the flourishing corporate image. Learn More>

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