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EASTAR Becomes One of The Most Popular Booths at Spiel Messe

Release Time: 2021.09.15     Clicks: 885

From October 24th to 27th, 2019, Essen International Board Game Exhibition (Spiel Messe) was held in Essenburg, Germany. Many board game industry brands gathered together to shine. A global leader in board game manufacturing, EASTAR showed its superb design and strong manufacturing strength in this exhibition, and warmly welcomed guests from all over the world to join the event.

When you enter the booth of EASTAR, you can see that it is crowded with visitors. Our booth is about 50 square meters, and the venue is integrated with interactive games and sampling sessions. In the venue, we show our customers the advanced production technology, sophisticated equipment, and strong manufacturing capacity through the factory video. In the customer reception, we showed our team's style to each customer in an orderly manner with scientific management, perfect service, an innovative, pragmatic spirit as well a high-standard execution plan.


In this 2019 International Board Game Exhibition in Essen, Germany, EASTAR received 286 customers and became one of the most popular booths. Through this exhibition, EASTAR showed the advanced production process and perfect technology development process to board game enthusiasts all over the world. At the same time, we also allows the entire industry to see that EASTAR is ability to create the best products. Learn More>

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