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Thank You Letter to Our Customers

Dear Customers,

We would like to give our sincere thanks to each of you, our highly esteemed partners, for your continuous long-term support and trust, and for helping us at Eastar continue to grow stronger at providing you the best service and quality in the industry. 

Just like you, we have the same passion and excitement for tabletop games, motivating us towards innovation when there is a new idea or concept in gameplay mechanics and unique components. We love being able to offer you creative and constructive suggestions from the manufacturing side, as an extension of your team and providing you with proposals to help reduce costs, in turn creating some of the most competitive products. 

Special thanks go to Awaken Realms who have been our long-time, strategic partner and have given us exciting opportunities to grow and learn through their experiences as well. Through their projects and extremely high standards, we have been able to set even higher production goals and techniques that we achieve for all of our partners. 

Good quality speaks for itself and because of that, we have successfully delivered high-end projects which have funded over a million dollars through crowdfunding such as Nemesis Lockdown, Tainted Grail, EtherFields, and many more! Eastar genuinely values you and will continue to strive at improving tenaciously, efficiently, creatively, technologically, in quality, and will always listen to your needs because we also want you to succeed. We appreciate all of your rave reviews and recognizing us as the industry's top solutions provider; Without you, our journey and growth wouldn't be as epic and clear.

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and let's continue to grow together, creating the most exciting and high-quality games and products for the tabletop gaming industry!

Yours Sincerely,


David Du CEO of Eastar

D a v i d   D u
September 18,2021    CEO of the Eastar
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