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Lords of Ragnarok is a board game that serves as the spiritual successor to Lords of Hellas. Created in collaboration with Adam Kwapiński, this 'dudes on the map' game is brought to life by Awaken Realms.

Set in a unique mix of Nordic mythology and Sci-Fi, Lords of Ragnarok immerses players in an everlasting conflict. While building upon the established core of Lords of Hellas gameplay, it redefines it with new mechanics and fresh ideas. Players will still erect great monuments, hunt monsters, and engage in epic battles, but they will also use runes to promote their troops, take control of trolls and other monsters, or gain unique perks for alliances with mythical realms.


Apart from the new thematic experience, the most impressive feature of Lords of Ragnarok is its dazzling board game components. The printing process has undergone precise color correction, resulting in visually appealing cards and player boards. The miniature is made of ABS dial base and PVC body parts, which are detachable, and features intricate details for a realistic game experience. The Lords of Ragnarok game components exhibit impressive attention to detail, with each piece bringing the game to life through its intricate design.


The board game Lords of Ragnarok is released now. We understand that your satisfaction is of utmost importance, which is why we have been paying close attention to your feedback. Positive feedback is always appreciated and motivates us to continue producing high-quality games. In the event of negative feedback, we take the time to collect opinions, consult with our technical engineers, and seek the opinions of publishers to determine if adjustments and optimizations are necessary.


As the manufacturer of this board game, Eastar looks forward to being loved and recognized by more people. We hope to collaborate with more excellent board game designers in the future. If you want to know more about Eastar's board game product manufacturing, please click>

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