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Etherfields will take you into a dream. Here your memory will be crippled, even forgetting who you are, what you are going to do, and where you are going. Everything will be dark all around, and you will see scattered fragments in this vague hesitation. It's like the dawn of hope, as it can piece together your memories and lead you in your direction.

Set in a surreal and art-making world, Etherfields will use dreams to create an adventure-filled environment. Its pattern style is a fusion of dreamy and dark, using the freehand expression of watercolor to create a weird, twisted, mysterious, abstract atmosphere. In its game mechanics, head-to-head combat is the worst, often exploiting ways to deceive opponents' perceptions to their ends. Learn more >

Etherfields is a giant board game with tons of components. Apart from miniatures and cards of various shapes, its most distinctive feature is the custom cardboard masks that can be used with stands, which adds a sense of mystery to this board game. Also included in the expanded content are metal keys, high-quality art book and delicately engraved resin card holders. All the board game parts in it fit the theme to create a dreamy feeling and vividly bring out the mysterious atmosphere in the world of Etherfields.

Eastar is looking forward to collaborating with more excellent board game designers to turn design inspiration into reality. If you want to know more about the production of board games, please click.

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