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Ravaged Star: Armies Of The Veil-Touched is a brand new line of Sci-Fi miniatures launched on gamefound by MiniWarGaming and Lazy Squire Games. Designed by Dave at MiniWarGaming, this tabletop miniature wargame is set up in the storyline of Lord Davicus and his army were tasked with exploring the other side of the Veil. Unlike a typical tabletop game usually has a rule book to guide the players, Ravaged Star is a large and incredibly awesome range of plastic miniatures for use in wargaming. There are lots of amazing features of Ravaged Star to explore and let’s dive into it.

As a tabletop miniature wargame, the size and shape of the miniature models can have practical consequences on how the match plays out. In Ravaged Star, all the miniatures are made by durable and detail focused PVC plastic to maximize the aesthetics of the game. Everything from troops to vehicles to heroes in this range has a pre-sculpted scenic base. The regular humans and cultists within this force come in around the 32mm scale with some of the power armored individuals reaching up to 40mm and above. These high-quality PVC miniatures can be played in any wargame or board game, or just collected and can be painted to showcase.

With the brilliant miniature design and high quality final products, Ravaged Star is standing out from the crowd. We are very honored to be selected as the miniature manufacturing supplier. Eastar cares about board game quality, manufacturing process as well as feedback from our partners. We are so glad to receive satisfied comments on the final production of high-quality PVC miniatures from Dave.

Ravaged Star is distinguished for the appealing large range of Sci-Fi miniatures. From the manufacturing technology aspect, the miniature mass production requires high standard specifically on File Modification as well as molding process. Eastar is dedicated to details as a miniature manufacturing supplier to produce distinctive board games. Learn more>

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