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Nemesis Lockdown, an additional board game expansion for Nemesis, will present a similar yet different alien world. It is set in a Martian laboratory, a place that has been ravaged by escaping samples. There are also traitors here, and it also takes place in a terrifying and dark environment, which also requires you to take various measures to confront the upcoming dangers and dilemmas. Of course, a lot of upgrades and changes have been made in Nemesis Lockdown. First of all, a new game mechanism is added, in which the intensity of electricity affects the strength of monsters and the result of time cards. Second, life-saving means have been increased. Finally, it is the improvement of the character's combat ability. Learn More >

The overall style of Nemesis Lockdown is the same as that of Nemesis, both of which are the tone of science fiction movies. Also their general categories of board game parts are similar. The difference is that all the content is completely new, including changes in player characters, changes in the form of miniatures, the content of cards, and changes in tokens. But in board game manufacturing, Nemesis Lockdown is still done by Eastar. Precision color correction and advanced die-cutting technology continue to be used in the manufacturing process. In addition, the ink development card is also retained in the Nemesis Lockdown, which is undeniably a unique design in the Nemesis series. If you want to know more about the production of board games, please click. 

The Nemesis series has already gained a large number of fans, and Nemesis Lockdown, as a new and new expansion of it, also has its special shining point. For you, which one would you prefer? Eastar is looking forward to getting more recognition for the manufacture of this board game. If you have the same great board game inspiration and want to make it a reality, Eastar will help you make it happen. 

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