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At present, the development of science is changing with each passing day, and many technological fantasies have broken through the limitations of time and space, pulling our eyes to a longer and farther place. Iss Vanguard, as a board game with the theme of future technological fantasy, will bring you a journey of civilization with top technology based on the entire universe environment. If in the future, the domain of human domination is no longer just the earth, but the entire universe, what will it be like? Here, you will have all the cutting-edge technology and be able to innovate with the wreckage of the alien ship. Use a variety of business models to create your own Earth International Space Station! The style of this board game tends to be simple, and the background of the entire environment is white and clear. At the same time, the painting style of the characters is extremely realistic.

Iss Vanguard joins a new design for future technological developments. It has a wealth of board game expansion and has made many new designs for convenient storage. It can be seen from the unboxing video that there are three ways to store cards only. First, the binder-type card book is easy to see the content of each card. The second is the independent sleeves for the storage of a single card. Third, there are customized card holders for the placement of the whole stack of cards. All Iss Vanguard miniatures are lacquered and vary in colour and finish. Of course, it also has dice, and the most special thing is that it has section pets and a dice tower specially designed for dice. Therefore, it can be used as board game pieces or as a decoration. In addition, Iss Vanguard has specially designed comic books and posters, which are highly collectible. Learn More>

Eastar, as Iss Vanguard's board game manufacturer, uses high-standard color correction and die-cut on all paper products. In particular, almost all plastic board game parts of Iss Vanguard are colored, including dice and miniatures, so a painting process is added. The painting process here is divided into two categories, one is frosted color, and the other is With metallic luster color. In addition, magnets are added to the production of card holders, which is more convenient for holders to open and close.

Eastar tries its best to realize the customer's design. If you also have a great board game design, Eastar can help you make it happen! To learn more about Eastar's board game making, please click. 

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