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Frostpunk is a city-building game where you will be the leader of a small group of survivors effectively managing infrastructure and citizens within range. The world you live in is the time of the Industrial Revolution on another dimension of Earth. However, the unexpected arrival of the Ice Age caused the world at this time to be equivalent to the end of the world. Can you become a qualified leader to guide your citizens to survive in this harsh environment? Every decision you make will directly affect the fate of your citizens, and you will have to face the consequences. So how will you decide to lead them? What choices would you make to survive in such an environment?

Frostpunk is a board game set in a catastrophic alternate scenario. It is painted in a very simple style, dominated by icy blues and whites, especially in the patterns of cardboard floors and tiles. Its biggest feature is that it has a plastic generator cube tower that provides power to the entire scene, as well as various building and scene models built with the scene, but it has few miniatures of characters. Its main board game components that drive the development of the game are pawns and cards. In addition, it cannot be ignored that many of Frostpunk's board game parts are made of wood.

The generator cube tower is manufactured primarily in its internal structure. Unlike most miniatures, which only need to be shaped externally, its internal structure also needs to be reflected, including every tiny horizontal line. For tokens and pawns made of wood, the most important thing to pay attention to is not to let the grain of the wood affect the later painting, to ensure that all the wood parts are smooth. Learn More>

Eastar, as Frostpunk's manufacturer, expects it to be recognized by more players. Hope to have more excellent board game designs to cooperate with us and present them perfectly. If you want to know more about Eastar's board game manufacturing, please click.

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