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Renaissance Europe was a people-oriented cultural change. Nova Aetas Renaissance, as a board game based on this period, is also inseparable from the realistic painting style and war. It is a three-dimensional mini-board game with the war between Rome and Venice as the background, which will take you into a period of European cultural change with rich retro colors. Nova Aetas Renaissance promotes the development of the game with a plot, and adventure will also become its main theme. In this world, there are not only real historical environments in the real world, but also magical colors. The arrival of monsters will also be a threat you are about to face.

As a three-dimensional board game, Nova Aetas Renaissance has a wealth of board game components. On the desktop, all buildings and trees are presented in front of us in a three-dimensional form. The biggest feature is its character version, each of which is not just a cardboard, but consists of two parts, its hero card and a black foldable hollow cardboard. This makes it easier to store tokens and cards while playing. Another Horologium consists of zodiac patterns and names, Roman numerals, and sun-shaped hands. On plastic board game parts, Nova Aetas Renaissance has custom eight-sided investments as well as acrylic cubes and pins in six colors. Learn More >

Eastar is committed to producing all kinds of board game products, especially miniatures. We have plastic model manufacturing technology of various processes, and according to the needs of different customers, we can complete the works closest to the design. If you also have a great board game design or inspiration, Eastar will be happy to help you make it happen! If you want to know more about board game manufacturing, please click. 

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