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If the protagonists of most board games are humans, then Humblewood must be different, because its protagonists are a group of cute and lovely animals. And this story takes place in Humblewood, a forest in Everden that has been ruled by the bird race for generations. A fire destroyed their beautiful homeland. From then on, the residents of the forest became warriors and began to fight to defend their homeland in the future.

The overall drawing style of the board game Humblewood tends to be dreamy, the tone of cards is black, and the cartoon animals above are also super cute. Its world map is dominated by green grass, but the battle map is presented in the state of a forest that has been invaded by fire. Also, there are different polyhedron custom dice as well as pins and coins. Plus the cartoon image of standees. All in all, Humblewood will take you into a world full of justice and animal anthropomorphism. 

Humblewood's world map is made of fabric, which can be folded and stored more easily. The battle map used in the game consists of 74 double-sided cardboards, which are also easy to split and organize. In addition, its ten custom-made dice with different faces are all polished by hand and are precisely measured to make the area of each side the same to achieve the fairness of the game.

Eastar will do its best to fulfill customers' expectations for board games. We hope to have more excellent board game designs cooperate with us more and more. If you want to know more about board game manufacturing, please click.

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