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When talking about board games, people probably think of some themes of science fiction, magic, and war. On the contrary, it is difficult to associate children with board games, let alone children's topics associated with social issues. And The Binding of Isaac will break our point. It presents board games with child abuse-related themes in a grotesque style from an angle.

The Binding of Isaac's storyline fits the story of The Bible: The Old Testament, attacking the social phenomenon of child abuse from the perspective of blind worship. Therefore, it also resonates with more people. Judging from the card patterns and pins of the board game, it is more inclined toward a cute style. At the same time, it also shows that the protagonist Isaac has received a lot of help while encountering many obstacles on the road of adventure, which reflects the warm phenomenon of solidarity and mutual assistance in reality.

The Binding of Isaac: Four Soul Requiem is published by Maestro Media and produced by Chinese board game maker Eastar. In terms of manufacturing process, The Binding of Isaac: Four Soul Requiem's main board game accessories are cards. Therefore, Eastar pays special attention to the selection of card materials and printing issues. The hardness and thickness of all cards are measured by hand. At the same time, other custom board game parts of The Binding of Isaac: Four Soul Requiem are also presented to every player in the most perfect state through careful selection of materials and precise measurements.

If you also have excellent board game design and want to turn it into reality, Eastar will be able to give you the most thoughtful help. And if you want to learn more about Eastar board game manufacturing, please click.

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