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Nemesis is a semi-cooperative sci-fi horror game that will take you into a new world of adventure. At this time, you are in a new world full of alien creatures, and danger is everywhere. The traitor has escaped, and everyone who is left is actively looking for a solution. What will happen next is unknown, where will the ship we are on go? As time goes on, alien species will become more and more powerful, they will continue to evolve, and our hopes of escaping will become more and more remote. How do we choose to survive? Is it cooperation to move forward or abandon those who are dragging their feet? It's like something out of a sci-fi movie, adventure on an alien planet and develop your smart brain to achieve the ultimate victory. Learn More >

Nemesis is a board game with a lot of parts, and there are quality miniatures in all shapes and sizes. There are a wide variety of cards and tokens with full functionality. The style of the whole game shows the darkness and blood of the space world, and the fusion of black and red can be seen everywhere.

In the manufacture of paper products, the printing has passed accurate color correction. The texture of cards and pictures is delicate. All die-cut cards are set with precise positioning to ensure that the shape, size and screen area of the tokens are exactly the same. In addition, the ink development scanning card is a unique feature of Nemesis, we ensure that the size of the development card is consistent with the size of the card through precise cutting and the most suitable amount of glue.

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