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A mafia-themed board game, Scarface 1920 perfectly crafts a world ruled by gangsters in 1920s Chicago. It uses realistic cartoons to show characters and scenes, combined with various styles of newspapers and magazines brought in that year, showing the social phenomenon of gangs in the city. In this world, you will be the leader of a group of thugs who will act to rule the entire underworld. You will gain money, power, influence, and then, control the world through extortion, pirating books and newspapers, bribing government officials, and other activities.

Among the accessories of the Scarface 1920 are cards of various functions and types, character and building models, and customized markers. Among them, its most special accessories are custom gametrayz trays, which are designed with grooves for placing various parts, which can easily and quickly store all the board game components and can also display the contents of the cards. In addition, the miniatures of the Scarface 1920 are divided into colored painted and unpainted parts, with a total of five colors pink, yellow, blue, green, and gray. Learn More>

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