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Our Awards

Eastar has created a lot of innovations and procedures through 5 years relationship with one of our leading clients, Awaken Realms, that enable us to support our

partners to get the Best Production Quality Award for 2019 and 2020 respectively. Additionally, we are thrilled to hear from our clients

that 3 of our manufactured games won the Top 10 board games in 2021 from Boardgamequest.

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$8.8M 2018
$7.1M 2019
$11.7M 2021
/Public/Home/Images/a1.png /Public/Home/Images/z6.png
Overall models for Etherfields look amazing and they capture almost every single designed detail. They are almost identical to resin copies. Awesome job!
Co-Founder Awaken Realms
Eastar has been and will be a great partner for Ludus Magnus Studio. Attention to customers' need, constant quality improvement, continuous technical development is the key elements that help us deliver always top products.
General Manager Ludus Magnus Studio
Eastar is a very good partner at every stage of the order. They contact with us daily and together we quickly solve all the problems typical of such a large and complex production.
COO Glass Cannon Unplugged
It is a pleasure to work with quick, efficient and always communicative partners, even if they are in the other side of the world.
Project Manager Redzen Games
Eastar was the best choice for manufacturing our most ambitious game, not only for the manufacturing cost, but also for the amazing miniatures quality!
Founder Triton Noir
A full list of Q&A for making the best board game miniatures you would care about.
We would like to express our best wishes for clients to realize their dreams and success in these most highly praised, innovative and enjoyable games that can be found in the board gaming hobby.
How many of the popular board game pieces in Frostpunk are made?
Eastar Game Manufacturing is Active at the Essen Spiel 2022.
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